“I Was Rear-Ended” – Now What?

accidentRear-End Case Analysis


Plaintiff was driving a Cadillac sedan westbound. Defendant was driving a Ford truck behind Plaintiff’s vehicle and rear-ended Plaintiff’s vehicle. Defendant’s vehicle was owned by another individual. The police department investigated the accident and determined that the accident was primarily caused by Defendant in violation of Vehicle Code section 21703, “following too closely”.


Defendant alleges that he was driving during the scope of his employment. Plaintiff does not deny this. Defendant erroneously is under the impression that because he was working at the time of the collision, he is not liable. Defendant admits to driving the vehicle at the time of the collision and rear ended Plaintiff.


Plaintiff suffered injuries to his neck,  shoulder, hip, and low-back that radiates into his leg as a result of this rear-end collision. Following the accident he sought treatment from a doctor, and his diagnostic impressions were: Acute pain due to trauma, cervicocranial syndrome, cervical neuralgia, cervical spine sprain, strain, lumbar plexis disorder, lumbago, lumbosacral sprain/strain and hip sprain/strain. Based on said diagnoses, plaintiff received physical therapy. Currently, plaintiff  still has low back pain radiating into the legs. Plaintiff was also examined by Orthopedic Specialist, who prescribed foot orthodics and an MRI to be performed of his left hip and low back. The MRI revealed positive findings to the low back. Plaintiff continues to experience residual pain and intends to follow up with the doctor for future treatment options.


This case was settled out of court, and the client got the money they deserved!

If you were injured in an auto accident, it is in your best interest to call an experienced personal injury attorney.

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How To Terminate Your Personal Injury Lawyer

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When you hire a personal injury lawyer, you expect him to handle your case as you wish. What if he does not and you feel like you are going down on your case? Well, terminate him! Even though many clients feel reluctant to terminate their attorneys, it is your right and you can terminate him at any point of time. This article will help you to terminate his services and appoint a new attorney as you wish. Follow the steps below to fire your attorney.

  • Check the agreement – The first step is to check the payment agreement. The terms of agreement and termination policy would be clearly stated in this document. Go through them and find out the terms and conditions of termination. Ask your attorney for bill statements and pay them off. This will help you in a smooth dismissal as you have settled the bills with your attorney.
  • Appoint another attorney – If you have any cases pending, it is always advisable to appoint another attorney as soon as possible. This will make sure that your cases are carried on smoothly in the court and the termination of your previous lawyer does not affect the smooth proceedings of your cases.
  • Send a letter in writing – When you terminate the services of the personal injury lawyer, it is always advisable to send a formal letter to him citing the reasons for the termination and mentioning the exact date and time from which he is relieved from services.
  • Inform the court – When you change your attorney, make sure that you inform the court, along with all the others concerned. The court may proceed to discharge your old personal injury lawyer formally; however, this depends on the development of your case.

    personal injury lawyer, old lawyer

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  • Obtain documents – Though you have parted with your old attorney, your file is your right. The old file related to your case is very important for your new attorney to carry the case forward. However, usually, you can obtain this from your old lawyer only when you have paid off his fees. Keep the doors open for negotiations if any disputes arise with your lawyer. You can also seek the help of your new attorney for negotiations purposes.

Your attorney is someone who is employed by you and you have every right to terminate him from serving and representing you in the court. Keep in mind the above points, if you wish to terminate your personal injury lawyer.