No Win No Fee Might Not Reward Just Like That

No Win No Fee

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Be it a product or a service, we need pay only if we get what we want. That is indeed a just principle as regards the value of every hard-earned penny that we spend. However, the bitter fact is that such a principle of ‘just economics’ might not reward always as we expect. Surgeries are indeed risky, and there is no ‘money back guarantee’ associated with them. Nevertheless, if we could pay the hospital and the surgeon well, we can at the least expect that they would put in their best efforts to save our lives. Thus similar is the case with employment law advice as well.

The risk of losing and the exorbitant amounts of fees charged by solicitors are indeed genuine reasons for many of us to choose the no win no fee route. However, as experiences suggest, there are a quite few reasons why we should not opt for such a safe-play. And in this post, let’s take a look at some of those reasons.

The Pitfalls in a Safe-playing Route

  • The sort of agreements in question shall in most cases include a clause which gives the solicitor the main say on whether a settlement offered is acceptable or not. In order to mitigate the risk, it would not be surprising even if the solicitor accepts much lower sum than what the client wants. Moreover, chances are high that the employer might even drive a wedge between you and your solicitor.

    Contractual Claims

          no win no fee method

  • In situations where the employee does not face the risk of paying the employer’s legal costs, it is possible that the case will be pushed longer than normal in the hope of getting a better settlement. The core of the issue is that the lawyer would be paid anyway, and as the case nears the tribunal the lesser would the client receive. Similarly, as the case reaches the tribunal over a long period of time, all damages ordered would be likely be consumed up as legal fees.
  • Most employment cases are worth less than 9000 dollars; in some instances it could be even less! That said it could be assumed that most cases are related to contractual claims and loss of earnings. Therefore, the best methodology is to get the most competent advice available even if you have to pay for it.

Hope this post gives you a fair idea on how to tackle an employment case to your advantage. For any further assistance on no win no fee lawyers, feel free to get in touch with our experts.