Pros And Cons Of No Win No Fee Lawyers

No win no fee

Pros and cons of no win no fee lawyers

At first thought, no win no fee lawyers might seem like the best option to go for. Not having to pay your lawyer unless he wins the case for you may seem like an excellent reason to hire such a lawyer. Nevertheless, there a few disadvantages to hiring such a lawyer as well. This article discusses some of the pros and cons of hiring such a lawyer.


  • Lawyers are pressured: Generally, your lawyers are not under any pressure to win the case for you. While he does represent you, he does not have to work all that hard to win the case for you. Irrespective of whether he wins the case or not, you will still pay him for representing you. On the other hand, no-win no-fee lawyers will have to put in their best to win the case for you as they will not be paid otherwise.
  • Keep the damages: In most cases, you get to keep all or a greater part of the damages. Certain lawyers such as personal injury lawyers will require you to pay a part of your winnings as their rewards. The percentage to be paid varies from lawyer to lawyer and you may end up having to pay more than 50% or more. This means that even if you win the case, you will end up losing a large part of your money. No-win no-fee lawyers, on the other hand, will have the defendant pay their success fees for you. This way, you get to keep all or most of the damages won.


  • Legal cost of living: The defendant will end up paying for your lawyer’s fees if you win the case and you will not have to pay any fees in case you do not win the case. However, this does not mean that you are freed from other charges and fees. You may be required to pay your opponent’s lawyer in such a case. Your financial status and the value of the case will be the deciding factors here, as a case needs to amount to a minimum value for charging you.

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  • Telling the opponent: Therequirement to inform your opponent about using a no-win no-fee lawyer is perhaps the greatest disadvantage of this system. This is bad because your opponent can obtain further information such as the percentage of success your lawyer anticipates.

Now you know the pros and cons of hiring a no win no fee lawyer. Consider these aspects before you make a decision on the kind of lawyer to represent you.