A Short Note On Strict Liability

Strict liability examples

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It was a glorious Saturday morning and David was just getting home from his usual morning walk, when he got hit by a speeding car. It was an area where there were speed restrictions in place, and the speed of the car was clearly well over all the legal limits. Fortunately, David was not seriously injured, but still suffered from a minor concussion and a few bruises, not to mention the mental anguish he experienced, all the way to the hospital.

This might seem like an ordinary, run of the mill accident to most of you, but for someone who is interested in knowing the laws with regard to such accidents, there is a vast deal to be learnt from cases like this. Even though the act of the driver of the speeding car was just negligent, from the legal POV, it is treated as a case of strict liability.

What is strict liability?

In purely legal terms, strict liability means that the person or company, whose negligent actions lead to any injuries or damages, is liable to their actions in a court of law. In simpler terms, if a person or a company commits an action which is not intended on causing any harm, but still ended up causing it nevertheless, then it is responsible for that harm incurred. This definition will be clearer after examining these strict liability examples given below.

Some strict liability examples

The case of David, which is mentioned above is a perfect example for a strict liability case. The important point to note here is that even though the actions of the driver might merely have been negligent, and probably no harm was intended, it is treated as a strict liability case, as being a driver itself is a responsibility. Even if the driver had reasons for going too fast, even if the reason was a medical emergency, the action would still fall under the strict liability section of the law.

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                 Strict liability examples given

It is not just a single person who has to bear the brunt of the strict liability. Companies are often on the wrong end of strict liability too, as they are responsible for any harm caused by their products, due to flawed design, manufacturing defects, etc.

It is to be noted that certain statutory offenses also fall under the category of strict liability. The latter covers a vast area and to know more about it, you will need a good understanding about various aspects of certain laws.