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The employment law protects every employee by providing them with a number of rights. If you believe that your employee rights have been violated, then the first thing that you should do is to register a complaint against your employer in accordance with the grievance procedure prescribed by your company. However, if this does not resolve your issue, then you can proceed to make a formal complaint with the employment tribunal.

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The functioning of an employment tribunal is very similar to a court of law wherein your complaint will be presented before a panel and all evidence presented will be under oath. While filing a claim with the employment tribunal, it is always best to have an employment lawyer to help you with your case. If your case is a genuine one, you may even be able to find a no-win no-fee lawyer to represent your case. A no-win no-fee lawyer is a solicitor who charges a fee only if there is a successful conclusion to your case, i.e., by winning or settling the lawsuit in your favor.

As winning the case makes all the difference on whether or not they will receive a fee, it serves as a powerful motivation to these lawyers to give their best to win you the case. For those who cannot afford the exorbitant attorney’s fees, such lawyers are a great option. Before agreeing to take up your case on a no-win no-fee basis, such lawyers will want to assess your case first. To make this assessment, they will have to spend some time looking into your case file. Generally, they will charge you a ‘risk assessment fee’ to make such a ‘risk assessment.’ The amount charged as risk assessment fee depends on a variety of factors such as the type of case and the degree of complexity.

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Generally, no-win no-fee layers do not charge you any fee unless they win the tribunal claim for you. Nevertheless, discuss with the lawyer to see whether there are any expenses you will have to bear, in the event that you lose the case. Also prior to handing over your case, discuss with the lawyer the fees and the costs that you have to pay after winning the case.

These are some aspects about no win no fee lawyers and some points to be kept in mind while hiring such a lawyer. Check online legal resources for more info about such solicitors.