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Lawyers have the distinction of being among the highly paid professionals in the world. It goes without saying that the income of a lawyer depends upon the reputation that he or she builds up in their fields. So, let us look at some of the figures thrown around, and make a calculation of the income of a Los Angeles federal criminal defense attorney. But before going into the income details and annual salaries, it is important to know some basic definitions, and some things about their profession.

Federal defense lawyers

The federal defense lawyers are different from other lawyers, in the sense that they defend clients who cannot afford the fees of a lawyer, in a federal court. They are also commonly referred to as public defenders, as their primary job is to defend the interests of those defendants who cannot afford attorney’s fees in a federal court of law.

As in the case of any other profession, the average salary of a public defender or a federal defense attorney also varies with location and experience. It is also important to note that, not every person who passes a bar exam becomes eligible for the post of a federal defense attorney. In most cases, an attorney is required to have two to three years of experience in practicing law before they become eligible to become a federal defense attorney. It needs to be noted that, to become eligible for representing a client in a federal charges, the attorney is required to have an experience of five years.

Income of federal defense lawyers

Although the annual salaries of federal defense attorneys vary widely from one location to another, it is possible to calculate an average salary without considering various other factors such as experience, benefits, etc.

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Various reports from 2010 suggest that the federal defense attorneys in the country takes home an average salary of $60,000 per year.

Although the pay for a federal defense attorney might look less enticing, the prospect of clients reaching out for an attorney rather than the other way is definitely an advantage for someone who is at the start of his career.

These are some valid points regarding the work of a federal defense attorney. The Los Angeles federal criminal defense attorneys are among the best-paid federal criminal defense attorneys in the country. Join them if you want to gain some invaluable experience in dealing with these cases.