You Could Be Liable For Actions Of Your Animals With Strict Liability Laws

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Be careful the next time you let your animal roam around freely because with the strict liability laws imposed in many cities and states, it becomes your responsibility for the injuries caused by the dangerous animal, intentionally or unintentionally on others. This law has become one of the strict liability examples and with these laws in place in the City, State and even in the Federal levels, you will be sole responsible for the actions of your animal.

In this article, we find out the definitions given to various categories of animals.

Dangerous Animals

A dangerous animal is the one, which has the potential to cause harm to human beings or other domestic animals. It also does not include animals, which are naturally domesticated by the humans. In view of the dangerous nature of such animals, most states have passed laws, which envisage strict liabilities for the owners.

Exotic Animals

Some of the animals that fall in this category include alligator, parana, crocodile and shark. Most of the states in the Country do not allow you to own any of them. In the states like Minnesota and Missouri, it is illegal to own animals like bobcats, great cats and lynx. Other species of animals that are closely watched include different monkey species like chimpanzees.

Wild Animals

There are numerous small untamed animals that could do harm to other animals and humans, which include skunks and raccoons. Other animals included in this category are wolves, dingoes, coyotes. In addition, a dog, which crosses, with any other wild dog is also considered wild. Others include weasels, venomous snakes and badgers.

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Domestic Animals

Some domestic animals have posed potential threats to other animals and humans. These include Staffordshire Bull terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier and Pit Bull Terrier. Special care should be taken while you transport these animals with all the safety measures taken if they are transported to a different location.

Points to remember

An important point that you should take note of is that even if the animal you own do not come under the dangerous category, you could be charged under strict liability laws if they cause damage to property or harm to an individual.

So with all the strict liability examples and strict liability laws, it is important that you take care of the potentially dangerous animals with care so that they do not harm others around you.