Explaining No-Win, No-Fee Litigation

No win no fee

No win no fee litigation

As the name itself suggests, the no win no fee litigation is a term used to explain the how a lawyer’s fee may be charged in a case of personal injury. If you arrange a lawyer to appear on your behalf in court for a personal injury claim and the lawyer fails to win the case, then you are not required to pay his fees.


Mainly used in personal injury claims

These types of litigations are mainly used in personal injury claims but by no means are they are restricted to such cases only. One of the advantages of these types of litigations is that the burden of paying the fee of the solicitor who appeared in court arguing for the personal injury claim will fall on the person responsible for the actions. Thus, the victim would not have to pay any amount of money in either case, even if he wins the case or not, as it is intended on protecting the interests of the victims. So what is in it there for the lawyers? Well they get to decide whether to take the case or not when they are approached with a case.

If the lawyer feels that there is a good chance for you to win the case and claim damages which will include the solicitor fees, then he or she might be willing to appear on behalf of you in the court of law.

Read the documents carefully

Once you enter into a no win no fee agreement with a solicitor or his firm for personal injury law, then you will be provided with a conditional-fee agreement by the lawyer. When you are presented with the documents that contains the details regarding the payment of fees, read it carefully and make

Personal injury claims

No win no fee lawyers

sure that you will not have to pay your solicitor’s fees if you lose the case. You will only need to pay percentage uplift on your solicitor’s usual fee if you win your case. The percentage increase on the fee, which has to be paid to the lawyer, will be decided by the solicitor and will be clearly mentioned in the agreement.

Generally the no win, no fee mantra is used by attorneys who are looking to cement their position in the world of law. For them, establishing a reputation is very important as in the future, their career growth is determined by how many cases they win rather than how much they earn.