Defamation Damages In Florida

What is punitive damages

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Defamation laws can often result in costly damages having to be paid by the defendant. These laws are taken very seriously in the state of Florida. Defamation is a legal term that can be used to describe both libel and slander. The laws in effect in the state of Florida present a great opportunity for students of law to study more about the damages that are involved in such cases. Punitive damages are also awarded by courts of law in some cases, which leads us to the question, “what is punitive damages?” The answer to this question, along with those to many others, is explained briefly below.

Definition of defamation

Defamation can be defined as the defiling of the character or reputation of a person, which results directly from false statements or actions from another person. It can include actions such as libel and slander, and as is the case in many other states, defamation cases are dealt with very strictly in the state of Florida.

What is punitive damages?

Punitive damages, simply defined, are monetary damages that are awarded in cases where the court of law feels that the damages that were originally awarded were not enough of a punishment for the defendant. These damages are not meant to cover for the actual losses that the plaintiff may have incurred due to the actions of the defendant. Instead, they are aimed at ensuring that the infraction is not committed again, either by the defendant or by those witnessing the damages he is made to pay for.

Online defamation charges in Florida

Defamation cases

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In the state of Florida, online defamation is a chargeable offense. A case was filed in the Florida Supreme Court in 2010, which challenged the way defamation charges could be leveled, and the ruling on this was particularly interesting. The ruling made it clear that a person who is not a resident of the state of Florida can be sued by one who is, if there is enough evidence of the former posting defamatory material online. A ruling based on this was recently made in the state of Florida, where a resident of Louisiana had to pay $11 million in damages to a Florida resident, after it was found that defamatory material concerning the plaintiff was posted online by the defendant.

This is some information regarding the defamatory damages law in the state of Florida. Further information is available from legal resources.