Different Types Of Damages

What is punitive damages

Punitive damages explained

If a person was to file a case against his neighbor in court, stating that the latter is a drunkard who regularly damages the former’s garden, such a case will proceed till the court reaches a decision. If the court agrees with the plaintiff, then the defendant (the drunken neighbor), will have to pay a sufficient amount of money as damages. The neighbor in this case would after that, the neighbor would think twice before getting drunk and causing havoc, being aware of the damages that are leviable.

Different types of damages are used in courts, according to the circumstances in play at the time. Punitive damages do not fit the description of the usual damages. So, what is punitive damages? Here are some interesting details regarding the different types of damages that a defendant will have to pay, if found guilty in a court of law.

What is punitive damages?

Punitive damages are different from other forms of damages, in the sense that they are not intended as a recompense for the damages caused. Instead, they are a way by which the court punishes the defendant, in cases where the court deems that the monetary fines given to the defendant are not enough punishment. The court thus imposes further punishment on the defendant, referred to as punitive damages. These are meant as a sort of warning to other people, and are usually awarded in cases where the court feels the behavior of the defendant was not fit for a normal society.

Pain and suffering damages

These types of damages are usually awarded in cases where the victim had to suffer physical pain or mental anguish, which is usually the case in personal injury cases.

Compensatory damages

If the victim was to suffer financial losses associated with the injury caused by the defendant, then the damages that are awarded by the court are termed as compensatory damages. These types of damages are meant to cover losses incurred as property damage, medical bills or other costs.

Compensatory damages

What are punitive damages?

Lost wages

If the victim was to loss wages due to not being able to attend work, owing to the wrongdoing of the defendant, then the victim can be awarded damages for the wages lost.

There are some other types of damages too, but these are the most common types of damages awarded in a court of law. Damages can thus, effectively, be a form of punishment as well as a method to recoup some money lost.